Company profile

ReaTech is a consulting research company located in Centre for Advanced Technology, CAT, in Roskilde, Denmark. ReaTech specialises in scientific fuel analysis (coal & biomass) together with research and scientific consulting and deals with problems within the areas of energy and environment. The basis of ReaTech is a professionally developed knowledge concerning fuel reactivity and properties of coal and biomass, experimental analysis methods and model evaluation of data.

Commercial products offered

  1. A flash-bitumen analysis made at 300-500 º C that gives measures for ignition properties combined with a thermal gravimetric analysis technique ‘modified TGA-proximate analysis’. The method measures bitumen, volatiles and char reactivity for fuels. High temperature investigations of fuels.

Combustion and gasification measurements with O2, CO2, CO, H2, H2O. Instruments: SDT (simultaneous thermal gravimetric and differential thermal analyser) and PTGA (pressurised thermal gravimetric analyser).

Equilibrium and process calculations for combustion and gasification systems.

Dynamic modelling of combustion and gasification reactivity.

Kinetic analysis and modelling of devolatilization.

Other experimental services and techniques

Structure analysis of mesomorphous and porous materials, including polymer systems and coal. The experimental techniques used are: small-angle x-ray diffraction, high temperature x-ray diffraction, neutron scattering and light scattering. Surface area and adsorption isotherms of porous materials and other physico-chemical techniques.

Consulting services

ReaTech offers assistance in preparing and coordinating energy projects and may participate as a partner or a subcontractor in technology development projects and feasibility studies.


Lasse Holst Sørensen
M.Sc. (Chemistry/Physics), Ph.D. (Chem. Eng.)
Senior Scientist, Combustion Research

Lars Gråbæk
M.Sc. (Physics/Mathematics), Ph.D. (Physics)

Jens Kai Holm
M.Sc. (Biophysics), Ph.D.

Post. Doc.



Collaborators and Major Projects


  Software for Chemical Thermodynamic Calculations


Address, phone, fax, e-mail:

Universitetsparken 7
Postbox 30
DK-4000 Roskilde

Phone: (+45) 4674 0232
Fax: (+45) 4674 0250


ReaTech is situated at CAT close to Roskilde University. ReaTech can be reached by train and car, to get here, follow the directions given at the homepage of Roskilde University.